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Gift Card Balance

Enter the card number and PIN in the fields below. You will find these numbers on the back of your JHPUSA Gift Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a JHPUSA Gift Card?

    JHPUSA Gift Card is a plastic card with monetary value. It may be used to purchase merchandise online at JHPUSA.COM, in store or by phone.

  • Does JHPUSA charge a service fee for unused balances on my JHPUSA Gift Card?

    No, there are no fees or expiration date with unused balances.

  • Where can I purchase one of these nifty JHPUSA gift cards?

    JHPUSA gift card(s) can be purchased in our webstore here or by calling 626.287.5000.

  • How do I check the balance on my gift card?

    You can check your balance in the above fields or by calling 626.287.5000.

  • Is the JHPUSA Gift Card re-loadable?

    Yes, you can easily add funds here.

  • Can I return a JHPUSA Gift Card?

    JHPUSA Gift Cards are not returnable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash (unless required by law), check, credit, or payment on any credit cards.

  • What can I do if my card balance doesn't show a correct remaining amount?

    Please call in (626.287.5000) during normal business hours and have a JHPUSA representative manually check your gift card.

  • What should I do if my JHPUSA gift card is lost or stolen?

    To report a lost or stolen JHPUSA Gift Card, please call 626.287.5000. Replacement cards will be issues after JHPUSA verifies that the lost or stolen card has not been redeemed and you present your original invoice. JHPUSA is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Please treat your JHPUSA Gift Cards like cash

  • What are the terms and conditions for a JHPUSA Gift Card?

    JHPUSA Gift Card can be redeemed for merchandise at JHPUSA.COM or JHPUSA store, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit expect where required by law. No value until purchased. To replace the remaining value on a lost, stolen or damaged card, call 1.626.287.5000. Gift Cards will not be cancelled and replaced without required proof of purchase. JHPUSA reserves the right to deactivate or reject any Gift Card issued or procured, directly or indirectly, in connection with fraudulent actions.

    JHPUSA Gift Cards do not expire.

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